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5 Apr 2013

Aside from a wedding ring, a watch will be one of the most important accessories a man sports. It can certainly be an overwhelming task finding the right watch as there are a number of companies, a wide array of different series? and countless watches to choose from. But if you are looking to stay classy, luxury men watches are the way to go.

The three brands that stand out from the rest today are Movado, TAG Heuer and Breitling. Movado is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has built up a reputable image for its breitling superocean simplistic and clean design. With these watches you can expect plain hands, a solid background, and an indentation on the 12 olock point. Sapphire crystals are another guarantee with Movado watches.

The next brand to look at with luxury men watches is TAG Heuer. This company started all the way back in 1860 and has truly flourished while leaving its mark in Hollywood and sports. Their timepieces have been used for the Formula 1 World Championship, the Skiing World Championship and many other sporting events. Be prepared to drop at least $1,000 on a TAG Heuer watch and probably much more.

The final Swiss brand watch to make the list of luxury men watches worth looking at is Breitling designs. Although there are features that are useless in the day to day life like moon phase and a double chronograph, it will certainly provide the glamour and pizzazz luxury watches consist of. These watches vary greatly in pricing as well, but you can expect to drop well over $1,000 for such a watch.

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