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2 Jul 2013

Google Plus for Tablet was released by Gundrotra, showing a host of features familiar to users of the still-growing social network, but only for Android users. A new Events feature was shown, which would allow people to gather together through personalized invitations and check-in features, as well as group-sharing of the event.

Google’s integrated Hangouts feature will be one of the most sought-after features for tablets, providing video conferences and event hosting that can be saved, real-time, to YouTube. Events also integrates with Calendar and Maps, so you can schedule and find anything you registered to attend. A “Party Mode” allows a copy of photos taken by attendees and shared via Google + to be kept along with the event page, where they can be viewed chronologically or as a slideshow.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin then took the stage, wearing the still-tested Google Glass headset unit, showing video from skydiving friends (who doesn’t have skydiving friends?) on board a blimp, sent through Plus’ Hangout feature.

While the audience watched, skydivers took the developers on a real-time jump over San Francisco to the roof of the I/O conference. From there, others with Google Glasses on motocross bikes jumped from rooftop to rooftop, then repelled down the face of the conference building, riding new bikes into the conference and to the stage.

Quite a ride to behold. According to Brin, the prototype glasses will be made available to a handful of developers for $1,500 each at the conference, so they can develop sol republic applications using the cool new specs.

Exciting times ahead for Google lovers, and a solid, competitive volley toward Apple, Barnes Noble, and Amazon. Sorry, Microsoft, but you will need to hurry up and finish (and release) Surface if you want to join the ball.

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